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While we are browsing the web, we may not always have time to read the entire page that draws our attention from the title, although the content may not satisfy us because it does not meet our expectations in the title. With ArKeywordExtractor, you can instantly see the important words of the content determined by artificial intelligence without having to read the whole page, and you can understand whether the content will interest you without reading the content.

Understand Before Read

  • HTML

    With ArKeywordExtractor, you can extract important words from only text parts of HTML codes.

  • Documents

    With ArKeywordExtractor, you can instantly learn important words of documents and blog posts.

  • News

    You can instantly learn the content of the news on web pages.

User Tests

70 different YouTube videos were watched by various users and were
asked to write down the keywords while watching.

  • 70 Number of Videos
  • 940 Human labelled keywords
  • %28.83 best result among the compared algorithms
  • %45.43 ArKeywordExtractor
  • 427 User word count matching with ArKeywordExtractor

The subtitles of these selected videos were sent to ArKeywordExtractor and in return, the keywords for the video's content were extracted by ArKeywordExtractor. The results of the comparison of the keywords extracted by the users and the keywords extracted by ArKeywordExtractor are given above. The tests have been made only for the Turkish language for now.

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Extracting keywords has great importance in understanding a text. Readers need specific strategies to identify which words are keywords, that is, which word will unlock the meaning of the text. Accordingly, the content is reviewed and scanned.
Let ArKeywordExtractor scan for you in seconds and unlock the text for you.

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